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Our Mission

Since 1989, Strategic Learning Centre has helped thousands of students become the best that they can be by teaching them how to learn.

You want your child to succeed academically, but you also want them to be happy and lead a fulfilling life. Traditional methods such as tutoring may not be the definitive answer. However, with the proper support, your child can develop self-confidence, motivation, and a path for lifelong success.

With our specialized programs, talented and dedicated staff, and thorough process, the Centre addresses the root causes of a student’s learning difficulties, providing them with the skills they will need in the future.

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Our History

In 1989, Karen Foley, now officially retired, co-founded Strategic Learning Centre.

Providing parents with an alternative to standard tutoring methods, she introduced a unique one-on-one teaching approach designed to get to the root of each student’s academic problems. Over the last several years, Mrs. Foley has been instrumental in making several new and cutting-edge learning programs available to Montreal families. With more than 30 years of experience, she developed a keen sense of how to identify and solve even the most challenging learning problems. A mother of three grown children, she also understood how to best support parents when their child is having difficulty in school.

As a result, the centre has helped thousands of students become confident, successful learners. Frequently sought out for her expertise, Mrs. Foley has conducted many workshops for parents and teachers on reading, writing, study skills, and learning disabilities. She taught effective written communication at McGill University, and developed and wrote a successful study skills program that is currently offered at the Centre. Karen has been quoted in the Montreal Gazette, Montreal Families, and Homemakers Magazine.

The right assessment is key. In our 4-step process, we:

1. Consult

Conduct an initial, face-to-face consultation where we review your child’s personal and academic strengths and weaknesses, developmental milestones, and past and current academic performance and behavior.

2. Recommend

Recommend testing (when necessary) to help us develop
the right solutions for your child.

3. Develop

Develop and implement a customized education plan.

4. Monitor

Monitor and re-evaluate progress to ensure that your child is moving ahead according to plan.

Our Team

David Schipper has been the director of Strategic Learning Centre since October 2013. David obtained a B.A. in English Literature from Concordia University in 1998 as well as a B.Ed. in Secondary Education (English and History) from McGill University in 2002…

David Schipper, Director
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Dara Goldsmith has been a program director of Strategic Learning Centre since August 2013. Dara obtained a B.A. in Psychology in 2009 and an M.Ed. with a specialization in Educational Psychology in 2012…

Dara Goldsmith, Program Director, Interactive Metronome Clinician
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Kathy began her teaching career in 1976 with the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal, before relocating to Toronto in 1981. The birth of her son opened the door to her…

Kathryn Osterman-Worsnip, Program Director, Interactive Metronome Clinician, English Teacher
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Claire joined our team in November 2014 as our office manager and bookkeeper. Her background in office and hotel management helps keep the Centre running smoothly and our team in top shape. Claire’s pleasant and friendly nature helps clients …

Claire Brougham, Office Manager
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Karolyn has over 20 years of experience as a Montessori primary and elementary teacher. She has a Master’s Degree in Education and a Graduate Certificate in Learning Therapy and advocates that all learning material should fit the unique strengths…

Karolyn Lamarre, French and English Teacher
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Robin has a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a diploma in Special Education. Prior to her 17 years as a  staff member of Strategic Learning Centre, she worked as an elementary and high school teacher in Montreal and the United States…

Robin Little, Interactive Metronome Clinician, Sciences, Math, and English Teacher
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Nancy has been a part of the SLC team since 2012. With over 25 years of teaching experience, she is devoted to creating a positive learning environment for her students. Nancy has a B.Ed. from McGill University, as well as a graduate diploma in gifted education…

Nancy Lawson, English Teacher
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Michelle’s enthusiastic, positive, and energetic personality helps motivate her students and encourages them to try their best. She is passionate about helping children learn and overcome their challenges, and her goal is to get students…

Michelle McKenzie, English and Math Teacher
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Dominique has a B.Ed. in Elementary Education and a diploma in Special Education. She has 10 years of teaching experience, working as both a resource and classroom teacher. Dominique joined our team in 2015 and teaches several…

Dominique Ricard, French Teacher
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Jessica has both a B.A. and B.Ed., the latter specializing in secondary English and Social Studies. She is the newest member of our staff, but has already demonstrated her commitment in helping students develop, set, and meet their…

Jessica Gold, English Teacher, Computer Lab Supervisor
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Jenn has a B.A. in Leisure Studies and has overseen the Fast ForWord and Cellfield programs at Strategic Learning Centre for the past eight years. Coupled with her experience of working with children in many leisure settings, she has a myriad…

Jennifer Worsnip, Computer Lab Technician
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Contact Information

189 Hymus, suite 201,
Pointe-Claire, QC, H9R 1E9

Phone: (514) 631-9745

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