Homework Problems Can Reveal Deeper Issues


What is the purpose of homework? Besides giving parents more grey hairs and wrinkles, the belief is that homework instills values such as responsibility, perseverance, time-management, and self-reliance. Some say it gets students to practice what has been learned, strengthens academic skills, and even helps earn better grades. Others complain that too much homework causes burnout and depletes beneficial leisure time. The long-running debate on the benefits of homework remains; however, one thing is certain: issues with homework can be a red flag. If your child is not learning and retaining information, there may be a learning problem that needs [...]

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The Effectiveness of Tutoring


When your child begins to struggle in school, is your first thought to seek out tutoring support? If so, you are not alone. Tutoring is often the first service that pops into parents’ minds when their child is having difficulty. However, tutoring alone cannot solve learning problems. Take reading, for example. Contrary to what is believed, reading is not “taught” in school. In fact, the whole language approach to teaching reading has been in practice for the past 25-30 years. The basic premise is that if you are exposed to the written word, you will be able to make the [...]

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Report Cards and Summers


Parents rely on report cards as a barometer of how their child is doing in school. The Centre frequently reviews the most recent report card of a student we are poised to work with. If the child goes to an elementary school, we often hear comments from parents such as, "These report card marks are not a true reflection of my child’s ability. He cannot read yet got 75% in English, Math, and French." Nevertheless, the student may struggle to auditorily and visually process information learned in the classroom, may be a slow reader if they can decode at all, [...]

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