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Most parents think of tutoring as a teacher or older student who helps a child get stronger in a particular school subject or keep up with their homework. Others know it as small group work that goes on in schools or at centres. This kind of tutoring generally relies on worksheets and repetition with the hopes that the more a child practices a subject, the better they will get at it. Unfortunately this approach doesn’t resolve most academic problems.

We get to the “root” of the problem

At Strategic Learning Centre, instead of “tutoring,” we offer a unique teaching approach designed to get to the root of the problem. Our specialized programs, which are based on the most up-to-date research on how children learn, provide each student with the specific skills they need to succeed at school, today and in the future.

We teach children “how” to learn

All of the programs and methods used at Strategic Learning Centre are designed to teach students the “how” of learning. This builds a foundation for life-long academic success. For example, when teaching reading comprehension, we do not hand out practice worksheets requiring students to read story after story and answer questions related to what they have read. This provides practice only and does not teach children “how” to comprehend. Instead, we teach students how to make detailed pictures in their minds, using the information from the text. This shows students how to transform the words that they read into meaning so they truly comprehend what they’ve read, resulting in better project marks, test results and higher quality homework.

We take a thorough approach with each student

Proper assessment of each child’s specific learning problems, along with individualized step-by-step instruction ensures that our students are able to master the skills necessary for academic success. Research has shown that this kind of one-to-one instruction is essential to solving learning problems. Our teachers are some of the top educators in the field, and they have an in-depth knowledge of the learning process and the specialized programs they are implementing with our students. This thorough approach to addressing academic challenges is unique to Strategic Learning Centre.

The Centre

Strategic Learning Centre has helped thousands of students become the best learners they can be. Operating since 1989, the Centre plants the seeds for student success with a comprehensive approach which includes a variety of programs which get to the root of students’ learning difficulties. In March 2014, Strategic Learning Centre moved from Dorval to Pointe-Claire; the Centre's new, modern facilities serve students from all over the Greater Montreal area.

Our Teachers

At Strategic Learning Centre, we offer a team of highly qualified, experienced and caring teachers – some of the best educators in the field. Our team of professionals includes clinicians who are specially trained to implement our cognitive based learning programs. Our learning specialists have made it their life’s work to teach and support children who have difficulties at school. And it shows in the way they work with our families and in the outstanding results we deliver.

  • Our learning specialists all share some common philosophies around how they work with our students including:
  • Teaching on a one-to-one basis to ensure that each student is instructed in the right programs to meet their individual needs, and is supported to progress at their own pace
  • Supporting each child to reach their potential through the use of specialized programs that are proven and based on the most current research about how children learn
  • Communicating, on an ongoing basis, with parents and classroom teachers to ensure that everyone is working in partnership to support the child’s learning needs
  • Empowering students and supporting them to develop positive self-esteem, by teaching them the skills and concepts necessary for academic success
  • Participating in ongoing professional development and training so they are continuously upgrading their knowledge in newly developed teaching techniques and programs

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