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Parental involvement is key to any child’s progress. That’s why, at Strategic Learning Centre, we work closely with parents to ensure they fully understand their children’s academic and learning needs, and how to best help them at home and at school. We support parents in the following important ways:

We set realistic expectations

We don’t sugarcoat the challenges our students face. We tell parents the truth and give them a realistic plan that will produce results for their child. And we offer encouragement because we have seen first hand that dramatic changes can happen when the right initial assessment is combined with specialized programs delivered by qualified professionals, and some hard work.

We help parents really understand the situation

We help parents understand exactly what their child’s learning problems are. We explain test results, as well as examine each child’s academic history through report cards and work samples and/or by conducting standardized academic testing. This process gives parents reassurance because, often for the first time, they understand what the problems are and what can be done to help their child become successful.

We get involved outside of the centre

When needed, we make referrals to other professionals outside of the centre and we work with these professionals in defining and resolving the problems our students face. We have formed relationships with qualified specialists who can help with speech therapy, counseling, occupational therapy, developmental optometry, central auditory processing assessments and psycho-educational assessments. At the parent’s invitation, we will also attend school meetings and be in contact with teachers to explain the programs we are doing and ensure that we are working in partnership to support the student’s needs.

We stay on top of each child’s progress

During the school year, we meet with parents to update them on how things are going at the centre and how their child is progressing. We continually reassess each child’s development, and we work with parents until their child’s problems are resolved.

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