Angie Morais talks about why she switched to
Strategic Learning Centre

“After I found out Kayla was dyslexic, I tried several learning centres. It wasn’t until we came to Strategic Learning Centre that her reading really improved. They identified important issues and recommended programs I had never been offered before. At six years old, it was like her eyes opened for the first time. She wouldn’t be where she is today without Strategic Learning Centre.”

Angie Morais, mother of Kayla (9)

Grace Calabrese explains how Strategic Learning Centre
really cares

“My sons have benefited tremendously from Strategic Learning Centre. The Centre conducts thorough assessments and offers excellent programs. Teachers take the time to talk with you and support you – from accompanying you to meet with a principal to recommending a speech therapist. Daniel and Michael now get As and Bs, and their self-esteem has shot through the roof. Strategic Learning Centre really cares about your child’s success.”

Grace Calabrese, mother of Daniel (10) and Michael (15) Marchese

The Golabs recognize
Strategic Learning Centre’s unique approach

“What we loved about Strategic Learning Centre is that they conducted a thorough assessment with both our daughters, so we understood what their unique issues were. And within only a couple of months of working with Tina and Kimberley, both their confidence levels and their marks improved dramatically. Strategic Learning Centre gave our kids the foundation for learning, something that will be with them for life.”

Debbie and Peter Golab, parents of Tina (11) and Kimberley (8)

Elyse Desforges credits Strategic Learning Centre for her
daughter’s success

“When my daughter, Anastasia, was having difficulty at school, we tried private tutoring and a group program at another learning centre. She showed no improvement. It was Strategic Learning Centre's unique techniques and exclusive programs that finally helped Anastasia become a fluent reader. Her understanding of math concepts has also improved dramatically. Thanks to Strategic Learning Centre, Anastasia is now a confident, successful learner.”

Elyse Desforges, mother of Anastasia de Kovachich (10)

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