We would be pleased to work with your children to prepare them for writing entrance exams for their chosen high schools.
The program will consist of two (2) three-hour workshops offered prior to the entrance exams. 

Workshop 1
will focus on how to answer practice questions on basic skills in English: reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, etc. and mathematics. Students will also learn how to clearly and succinctly communicate ideas in writing.

Workshop 2
will focus on presenting oneself in an interview. Academic concepts will also be reviewed.

These two workshops will give students confidence and help to alleviate anxiety related to the exam and interview process. Our program includes study questions and take-home note packages to ensure that each student is fully prepared. Space is limited.  

please contact info@strategiclearning.ca for scheduling options

The cost of registration is $250.00.

If you have any questions or wish to register, please contact us at info@strategiclearning.ca.