We are excited to unveil our new blog today. For the past 27 years, Strategic Learning Centre has helped thousands of students of all ages in the Greater Montreal area and beyond become the best that they can be through our unique three-pronged approach: brain training programs, remedial programs, and tutoring. Our process also sets us apart, as we always begin by getting to know the families that we work with and each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. The Centre then administers academic and cognitive efficiency tests in order to ensure that a student always does the program(s) that specifically address the root cause(s) of the difficulties they face in school.

So many parents contact the Centre and relate heart-breaking accounts of their child’s academic and emotional struggles. Students struggle in and out of school for many reasons such as language and phonological issues, attentional challenges, visual-spatial issues, lower processing speed and/or working memory, and executive function deficits. As a result, they become anxious about school, and the older they get, the more likely they are to simply tune out their teachers or drop out entirely, defeated by their overwhelming challenges, and despairing that things will ever get better. Eventually, many students become turned off by school entirely, losing their passion for learning in the process. Some will struggle needlessly for the rest of their lives with their processing challenges, unable to get good jobs, support themselves, and properly navigate their adult lives.

We look forward to hearing your stories, whether you are a past or present SLC parent with testimonials to share, or a parent who has been disappointed by traditional tutoring and does not know where to turn.

We would like this blog to be an exchange of ideas and a forum for you to ask thought-provoking questions (and hopefully get thoughtful answers in response!). If there are any topics which particularly interest you, please do not hesitate to let us know. This is as much your blog as it is ours.