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We offer a wide range of 1-on-1 and brain training programs which address the root cause(s) of students’ learning challenges.

Why SLC?

Parents ask us all the time what makes Strategic Learning Centre different from other learning centres. First of all, SLC is a learning clinic; think of the Centre as a doctor’s office for students with learning difficulties. During your first appointment with a health professional, all of the pertinent information is gathered in order to develop solutions to address the health issue. We do the exact same thing by beginning with an initial meeting during which we thoroughly get to know your child by reviewing, among other things, their language and motor development, past and current academic performance and behaviour, and relevant testing that has been done. We may then proceed to individualized, standardized testing in order to pinpoint your child’s specific needs, following which we recommend a plan to address them. Finally, we monitor and re-evaluate your child’s progress throughout their time at the Centre.

We also differ from other learning centres in that your child will often begin with remediation in English, French, and math rather than tutoring. Remediation fills in the missing bricks in your child’s foundational abilities by going back and teaching them what they did not learn in previous grades. As well, our remediation specialists are accredited teachers who have been specially trained to teach our remedial programs.

We always do what is in the best interest of the child and we care passionately about the future of each and every child we work with. We look forward to the opportunity of helping your child reach their potential.

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