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We offer one-on-one remedial teaching and tutoring in English and French as well as brain retraining programs for students. Our teaching encompasses reading, writing, comprehension, math, history, geography, science, and other content subjects. Our specialized remedial and brain training programs address the root causes of learning problems, such as dyslexia and dysgraphia. These programs are based on scientific research and have been proven to be successful.

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ReadLS Reading Intervention Program

ReadLS is a web-based program which uses brain plasticity to create connections that are responsible for proper reading and comprehension. This process-oriented program uses fast moving graphics, differential sound and a multisensory approach to build phonemic awareness, graphonemic knowledge and language structure. Several cognitive skills are targeted, which include: working memory, auditory and visual processing, visual closure, executive function, ocular motor control, timing, and more.

Fast ForWord Language Programs

Research has shown that only four to six weeks of Fast ForWord training produces language gains of up to two years and improves a student’s ability to hear the individual sounds in words. This gives students the foundation to be able to acquire basic reading and spelling skills. Based on more than 30 years of neuroscience research – Fast ForWord programs use computer technology to target the language and reading skills widely recognized as the keys to all learning. These programs are ideal for students, ages five to adult, who have difficulty with sound awareness, language ability, and/or the processing of auditory information. Visit the website at www.scientificlearning.com.

Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing Program – LiPS

Some students cannot hear the individual sounds in words. These students often learn to read by memorizing words. However, to be a competent reader, students also have to “break the code” and be able to use a sound/symbol system in reading and spelling. The LiPS program is a unique phonological training program that uses sensory cues from the ear, the eye, and the mouth to teach decoding and spelling skills. This program is combined with training in “how to visualize” sight words in order to remember the most common re-occurring words in reading material. These newly acquired skills lead to improved reading and spelling in all subject areas. There is no other reading program quite like it!

Enseignement Multi-Sensoriel Simultané – EMS

EMS is a multi-sensory reading program in French, which simultaneously uses visual, auditory, tactile, and kinaesthetic pathways to teach accurate decoding and spelling skills. All material is presented in brief, sequential steps that allow students to develop self-confidence and make progress at their own pace. This program is based on the Orton-Gillingham method of reading and spelling and has been adapted by the Canadian Dyslexia Association for French Mother Tongue and French Immersion students.

Writing Program

To complement the reading programs described above, SLC offers a writing program which includes the teaching of grammar and paragraphing. Using this knowledge, students are taught to be skillful in producing different types of writing. This could be narrative or informational text such as projects, essay writing, book reports or summary writing. Wherever possible, students’ schoolwork is used to help students transfer what they are learning to actual classroom assignments. This helps to make the teaching more relevant for the student.

Reading Comprehension Program

Many students can read fluently but have difficulty understanding or retaining what they are reading. For these students, the method generally used is to give them practice in comprehension by having them read and answer questions. But at SLC, we offer a step-by-step reading comprehension program that helps students build comprehension, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. We do this by teaching students how to visualize images as they are reading and then how to verbalize these images. This ability to visualize and verbalize helps students to retain information when reading and during lectures. The program also improves students’ oral expression and writing skills.

Study Skills Program

This course teaches students “how to learn”. How is this done? First of all, students are taught how to identify the main idea and the most important information. Without the ability to identify what’s important, note taking is just a procedure and not a valuable strategy for the student. The second thing we do differently is teach students to be “metacognitive” about their learning. That is, we teach students how their brains process information and introduce them to a wide variety of strategies that they can use to master any content. This understanding of “how to learn” is what makes our study skills course different. The skills taught include note taking, rote-memory strategies, time management, organizational techniques, and strategies for learning and remembering information. The strategies taught are applied to the students’ course content.

Remedial Math Tutoring

This program focuses on each child’s assessed strengths and difficulties with math concepts and their application. Weak or missing concepts and skills are taught using specialized materials and a “hands-on” approach. The students are then instructed in how to apply this new knowledge to related, practical topics in math. In this way, the student is able to develop a fundamental conceptual base from which they can become successful students in mathematics.

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Summer Program for Kids FAQs

Summer is an ideal time for remediation! Your child has more time for sessions during a less stressful time of year. Many parents take advantage of those summer months to work with us more intensively over the summer, as much as five times per week. The more sessions your child has per week, the more quickly they progress! 

At Strategic Learning Clinic, we offer one-on-one remedial teaching in English as well as in French, along with brain retraining programs for students. Our summer teaching programs encompasses writing, reading, math, history, comprehension, science, geography, and other subjects. Our specialized remedial and brain training programs address the root cause of learning problems. These programs are primarily based on scientific research and have been proven to be immensely successful.

Through individualized instruction, Strategic Learning Clinic is able to focus on the individual learning requirements of our students. We help them achieve academic as well as a personal success by taking into account every student’s learning style and focusing on their strengths. Whether you are looking for extra help for your child, want to reinforce a core class, or want to prevent a summer learning slide for the next school year, our summer program tutors can help with everything. They help students transfer what they are learning to actual classroom assignments. This helps in making the teaching more relevant for the student

There are several benefits to joining a summer training program at Strategic Learning Clinic, such as:

  • Avoid Summer Learning Loss: Summer training programs keep students engaged in learning to help avoid the summer slide. These programs offer various courses ranging from core subjects like math and language arts to enrichment classes such as music and art.
  • Reinforce Core Class Knowledge And Achieve Learning Gains: Our courses for elementary and middle school students reinforce knowledge in core subjects and help students who may have fallen behind catch up with their peers.
  • Maintain Routines: Your child is able to maintain a routine throughout the summer. Students feel more secure and comfortable when they follow a daily routine and know what to expect every day. Summer training programs help students maintain a similar routine to the one they have during the school year and keep their study skills sharp.

During the school year, most students are overwhelmed from juggling homework, assignments, exams/tests and extracurricular activities. If your child has a diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disability, summer is the perfect time to fill in learning gaps. Without a hectic schedule, students can focus on improving basic skills in reading, writing or math. Learning in a more relaxed environment will improve motivation, confidence, and decrease anxiety.

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