Our Mission

Since 1989, Strategic Learning Clinic has helped thousands of students become the best that they can be by teaching them how to learn.

 For nearly 32 years we have focused on equipping children with the tools and skills they need to become successful, motivated, and happier students. Traditional methods such as tutoring may not be the definitive answer. With our specialized programs, talented and dedicated staff, and thorough process, the Clinic addresses the root causes of a student’s learning difficulties, providing them with the skills they will need in the future.

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Our History

In 1989, Karen Foley co-founded Strategic Learning Clinic as a response to parents’ need for an alternative to standard tutoring methods.

Thanks to her vision, Strategic Learning Clinic has provided several new and cutting-edge learning programs to Montreal families for decades. We have developed a keen sense of how to identify and solve even the most challenging learning problems, while taking into account the child’s emotional needs.

Our 4 Step Process

1. Consult

We conduct an initial consultation where we review your child’s personal and academic background, developmental milestones, and past and current learning difficulties.

2. Recommend

We recommend a thorough evaluation of your child’s academic and cognitive skills so that we can develop the right solution to address their learning challenges.

3. Develop

We create and implement a customized education plan that suits your child’s learning needs.

4. Monitor

We re-evaluate and monitor your child’s progress regularly to ensure their success in and out of school.

Does your child have a learning disability?
Our services are tax deductible!

Parents of children with a diagnosed learning disability can claim expenses incurred at the Clinic on
the medical portion of their income tax and receive a letter for this purpose.