What do you provide that is not available through the school system?2020-06-19T15:23:15+00:00

The school system offers generalized education for classrooms but many schools do not possess the resources to provide unique solutions for individual children. At Strategic Learning Clinic, we address each child’s learning challenge(s) and develop a strategy to match their needs, personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

We offer the following unique services:

  • Diagnostic testing and extensive meetings with you and your child to ensure we have a complete understanding of where your child needs extra support
  • A customized education plan outlining the steps that will help your child work through the difficulties that he or she is experiencing
  • One-to-one teaching so that your child gets the attention and support he or she needs
  • Specialized reading, writing, math, and study skills programs that are proven and based on the most current research about how children learn
  • Unique computer-based brain training programs for improved auditory processing, language skills, attentional abilities, and reading fluency
  • Cognitive training to improve a student’s information processing ability. Children develop good work habits, strategies, and insights which they can apply in and out of school
How do I know when to bring my child to a learning clinic?2020-06-30T19:14:08+00:00

Most parents have a gut feeling when their child is not progressing the way they should at school – even if the report card does not indicate a problem. If you suspect your child could be doing better in school, trust your instincts and give us a call. The information you will get from our initial consultation will help you decide if Strategic Learning Clinic makes sense for your child.

Here are some of the signs that may indicate your child needs help:

  • Your child is getting low or failing grades and you have been unable to solve these problems at the school
  • You think that your child is not performing to their potential
  • You are receiving comments from the school that your child is not paying attention in class
  • Your child knows something one week but forgets it the next
  • Your child lacks the ability to write essays or study in an organized manner
  • Your child seems to be acquiring skills very slowly (such as reading, writing or math)
  • Your child feels prepared for a test, but then fails that test
  • Your child has difficulty completing homework independently and there are tears and stress surrounding it
  • You have noticed behavioural changes relating to your child such as not wanting to go to school or complaining of stomach aches or headaches

Children don’t usually “grow out of” academic problems so it is important for parents to get the right help as early as possible.
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With so many options available for tutoring, why should I choose Strategic Learning Clinic?2020-06-30T14:32:49+00:00

Many parents come to us overwhelmed by the many tutoring options available in the marketplace today and unsure about how to make the right choice for their child. The reality is that most tutoring – whether delivered by a mature student, a classroom teacher or in small groups at centres – relies on worksheets and repetition with the hopes that the more a child practices a subject, the better they will get at it. Unfortunately this approach doesn’t resolve most academic problems.

At Strategic Learning Clinic, instead of tutoring, we offer a unique teaching approach designed to get to the root of the problem. Our specialized programs are effective because they are based on the most current research about how students learn and because they are delivered by experienced teachers who work one-on-one with our students at their own pace. This approach repeatedly gets results – even when other methods have failed.

If your child is experiencing learning problems, here are some important things you should know:

  • Implementing a program without first doing a proper assessment of your child’s learning problems will not lead to the right solution – At Strategic Learning Clinic we offer a unique 4-step assessment process which enables us get to the root of all academic problems
  • Small group tutoring does not solve learning problems – research has shown that a one-on-one teaching approach, like the one used at our centre, is critical to achieving positive, lasting results
  • Repetitively filling out worksheets or tutoring students to complete their homework does not get to the root of learning problems – that’s why our specialized programs are based on the most current research about how children learn, and are designed to teach to each child’s specific needs
  • Using CEGEP and university students, or classroom teachers to tutor students does not usually resolve learning problems – you need experienced teachers, like the staff at Strategic Learning Clinic, who have an in-depth knowledge of the learning process and how to address specific academic problems
  • Don’t buy into promises or guarantees that seem too good to be true – we believe in telling parents the truth about their child’s learning challenges and providing a realistic plan that will produce results for their child
How do you know what my child needs?2018-08-21T14:57:33+00:00

Our trained experts evaluate each child through an individualized and thorough 4-step assessment process. Each child’s academic strengths and weaknesses are identified and a program is custom-built to address their unique challenges. This specialized approach has helped thousands of students become effective learners and is the key to our success.

Our process involves:

  • An initial consultation
  • Standardized testing and referrals to other professionals if required
  • The development of a customized education plan designed to address your child’s specific learning challenges
  • Ongoing monitoring of your child’s progress
How long will my child have to attend the clinic?2020-06-19T15:29:35+00:00

So many factors affect a student’s progress, including the age at which they start getting help, their learning style, what kind of home and school support they have, and what their specific learning issues are. So the answer to this question will be different for every child. However, once you’ve come in for an initial consultation, we will be able to provide you with a realistic assessment of what kind of support your child will need and how long it will likely take.

The school thinks my child has dyslexia. What is dyslexia?2018-10-31T17:22:02+00:00

Dyslexia is defined as having a difficulty with the alphabet, reading, writing, and spelling in spite of normal to above average intelligence, conventional teaching, and adequate socio-cultural opportunity. Dyslexia is a word commonly used to describe so many different reading and spelling problems. It encompasses many language difficulties and does not just mean the “person who sees the word backwards.” Children with dyslexia may be bright, have good vocabulary skills, and may even do well with numbers and math, but reading and spelling are hard. If you have been told that your child has dyslexia or you are concerned about their reading and spelling skills, we can help.

Strategic Learning Centre is known for its specific expertise in this area. We offer many specialized programs, including one for children with dyslexia. The Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® Program is a unique and effective reading and spelling program that allows students to “unglue” the individual sounds in words. This program is very different from any other reading program taught in either public or private schools or other learning centers in the Montreal area.

Where can I get reliable information on learning disabilities?2020-06-19T15:30:45+00:00

Our founder, Karen Foley, has extensive experience in special education and reading, and has been working with students who have learning disabilities for over 30 years. That is one of the primary reasons she opened Strategic Learning Centre in 1989 – to help parents solve their children’s learning problems. Since that time, the centre has helped thousands of students become more confident, successful learners.
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Here are a few web sites about learning disabilities that parents find helpful:

Learning Disabilities Online


Rick Lavoie

(Author of It’s So Much Work to Be Your Friend: Helping the Child with Learning Disabilities Find Social Success)

Learning Disabilities of Canada


What is the SLC difference?2021-04-13T13:39:05+00:00

The key to unlocking your child’s potential
Our goal is to strengthen the foundation of your child’s learning skills so they can better process and absorb the world of information around them. Parents ask us all the time what makes Strategic Learning Clinic different from other learning centres. First of all, SLC is a learning clinic; think of the Clinic as a doctor’s office for students with learning difficulties. The journey begins with our first meeting. We thoroughly get to know your child by reviewing, among other things, their language and motor development, past and current academic performance and behaviour, and relevant testing that has been done. We then implement individualized testing to pinpoint your child’s unique needs, followed by a strategic plan to address them. Your child is carefully monitored and evaluated at each stage of their progress.

We also differ from other learning centres in that your child will often begin with remediation in English, French, and math rather than tutoring. Remediation fills in the missing bricks in your child’s foundational abilities by going back and teaching them what they did not learn in previous grades. Like the development of core muscles for your body’s physical performance, developing these core aptitudes are essential for the brain’s ability to perform mental tasks, and achieve success in most educational disciplines.

Our remediation specialists are accredited teachers who have been specially trained to teach our remedial programs.

We understand the range of emotions that brought you here: frustration, fear, hopelessness. We sincerely hope you give us the opportunity to do what we do best: Provide your child with the required tools and skills in order for them to have the best possible future.

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