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Since 1989, Strategic Learning Clinic has taught thousands of students the skills to be successful and independent because of our unique process and programs. Our approach was adopted to provide students with an alternative to traditional, content-based tutoring, which was unable to meet their needs. We can’t wait to give your child the bright future that they deserve!

We offer a wide range of programs which will address your child’s unique learning challenges.

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Remediation and Tutoring for Kids – In-Person (Montreal)

Our tutoring programs for kids includes tutoring for elementary school students, tutoring for high school students, tutoring for college students, and tutoring for university students. No matter your child’s educational needs, we can teach them the skills they need to be successful in school and in life.

Our tutoring and remediation for kids is offered one-on-one with one of our expertly trained teachers.

Strategic Learning Clinic’s program is specially designed to offer at-home help to children experiencing difficulties in learning. Our sessions are interactive!

We offer in-person tutoring and virtual tutoring in the following areas, all offered in both English and French:

  • Remedial reading (decoding)
  • Remedial writing
  • Remedial reading comprehension
  • Remedial math

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We are so glad to have found Strategic Learning Clinic on our homeschooling journey! After the initial assessment, different remedial programs were suggested and little by little our daughter overcame some of her difficulties and most of all, grew in confidence and assurance of her strengths. Together with the exceptional one-on-one math remediation, the Interactive Metronome therapy proved to be the most efficient intervention for our daughter. She is now able to focus on different types of tasks with ease. Even during the pandemic, the clinic was very responsive, able to accommodate and adapt to the challenging circumstances. We recommend SLC if your child struggles with learning disabilities or any other learning challenges. The team is extremely courteous, understanding, and prompt to walk you through and assist in pinpointing the difficulties that need to be addressed. To the staff and team at SLC, a big THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!

Rosy and David Lombardi

“Strategic Learning Clinic has helped me to shape my thoughts and coordinate the way my mind works when approaching both personal and school-related work. The team has done wonders and they helped me in areas where I did not even know help was necessary. I wanted to thank Dara Goldsmith, one of the Clinic’s program directors, for all that she has done for me during the summer. Contrary to my first thoughts, the Clinic’s programs were based entirely on scientific research; unlike other treatments, the effects are not based on placebo.

Strategic Learning Clinic has greatly improved my academic skills and I will be forever grateful for what the team did for me. I am truly happy to have been helped by you!”

Nicolas Brunet

“Our children had been having difficulty in their studies for some time. We had tried a number of different approaches but with limited success. Strategic Learning Clinic was recommended to us by the resource teacher at their school and by a child psychologist. SLC immediately began with an interview of us as parents and a series of tests for our children to get to the root of their problems. After reviewing the results with us, they got our kids started on various brain training programs (IM, FF, Cellfield).

Our kids are now active in a number of remedial programs (LIPS, EMS, JUMP Math). We have also participated in a writing workshop and high school preparation classes. Throughout this intense effort, SLC has provided outstanding support. They have been with us every step of the way, identifying the issues, guiding us through the options, accommodating our schedules and giving us much needed encouragement. Most of all, every one of their teachers has been wonderful in building a rapport with my children, showing that they care for them and spending all the time and effort necessary to understand and help them.

As a result, my children have shown tremendous improvement in both their general ability to get organised, focus on what’s important and work things out, as well as in their capability in specific subject areas (English, French, Math). This in turn has led to greater overall self-confidence in everything they do. SLC has come at a critical time for our family. Although it has required a major sacrifice on our part, it has been completely worth it.

Thanks to SLC, we feel that our children are obtaining the skills to enable them to be successful in their academics and in their lives. While we still have a long way to go, we feel that our children are now back on track and that they have a bright future ahead of them. We are truly grateful to SLC.”

Julian Hung & Sow Fun Lee

Tutoring Expert F.A.Q.

The school system offers generalized education for classrooms but many schools do not possess the resources to provide unique solutions for individual children. At Strategic Learning Clinic, we address each child’s learning challenge(s) and develop a strategy to match their needs, personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

We offer the following unique services:

  • Diagnostic testing and extensive meetings with you and your child to ensure we have a complete understanding of where your child needs extra support
  • A customized education plan outlining the steps that will help your child work through the difficulties that he or she is experiencing
  • One-to-one teaching so that your child gets the attention and support he or she needs
  • Specialized reading, writing, math, and study skills programs that are proven and based on the most current research about how children learn
  • Unique computer-based brain training programs for improved auditory processing, language skills, attentional abilities, and reading fluency
  • Cognitive training to improve a student’s information processing ability. Children develop good work habits, strategies, and insights which they can apply in and out of school