The Right Assessment is Key

The majority of parents who come to Strategic Learning Centre have tried other methods to solve their children’s learning challenges – often with minimal results. They come to us because we have helped thousands of students become more effective and confident learners. Our exceptional ability to properly assess and continually monitor each child’s specific academic challenges is key to our success. We do this by working closely with parents to do the following:

Once you contact us, we will begin with a face-to-face initial consultation with you and your child where we will review:

Your child’s personal, and academic strengths and weaknesses

Pertinent information about the developmental milestones in your child’s life such as the development of motor, speech and attention abilities

Your child’s current and past academic performance and behaviour (how your child attends in the classroom, studies at home, approaches schoolwork, and performs on tests)

When the difficulties at school began and examine what kind of intervention has taken place to date

Relevant past report cards and testing that has been done related to your child

In some cases, this initial consultation will give us what we need to recommend a plan of action for your child.

Recommend further testing (when necessary)

We may also decide at this point that further testing is required to help us develop the right solutions for your child. This testing can be critical to really understanding what is going on with your child and can include:

individualized, standardized tests in such areas as oral language, written expression, vocabulary, reading or math that help us pinpoint the specific needs of your child

a referral for your child to other experienced professionals we work with such as a psychologist, audiologist, occupational therapist, or speech and language therapist who can help uncover underlying issues that may be critical to solving your child’s learning problems

Develop and implement a customized education plan

Using the detailed results of our assessment, we then develop a customized education plan for your child. This plan outlines a step-by- step approach that is specific to your child’s individual needs and draws upon our specialized learning programs. These programs are based on the most current research around how children learn. Experienced teachers and remedial clinicians have been specially trained and will work with your child to teach them the skills and strategies they need to become independent learners. Research shows that this one-to-one teaching is the best and most effective way to solve learning problems

Monitor and re-evaluate each student’s progress

An important part of our assessment process is the continual monitoring of our students. Our team of teaching professionals communicates closely to ensure that each child is moving ahead according to plan. Our monitoring system includes the use of tests that help us assess progress levels, the review of school tests and report cards, interviews with classroom teachers and feedback from parents and the students themselves. We also conduct formal standardized testing with your child at the end of each school year and/or at the completion of a program. This allows us to report accurate grade level scores to parents and helps us to plan any further academic intervention that could be required. We work with each child until they have mastered the skills and strategies they need to be successful life-long learners.

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