Our specialized programs, many of which are not available anywhere else in Montreal, are effective because they are based on the most current research about how students learn. Our academic remedial programs are designed to improve reading, writing, study skills and math. These programs are taught by experienced teachers who work with students on a one-to-one basis.


LIPS® (Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing) program

The LIPS® program is a unique phonological training program that uses sensory cues from the ear, the eye and the mouth to teach this critical decoding of words, as well as spelling skills. This program is complemented by a program that teaches sight words to improve reading and spelling.

Enseignement multi-sensoriel simultané – EMS

EMS is a multi-sensory reading program in French, which simultaneously uses visual, auditory, tactile and kinaesthetic pathways to teach accurate decoding, spelling and reading comprehension skills. This program is based on the renowned multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham method of reading and spelling and has been adapted by the Canadian Dyslexia Association for French Mother Tongue and French Immersion students.

Reading comprehension program

We teach students how to make detailed pictures in their minds, using the information from the text. This shows students how to transform the words that they read into meaning so they truly comprehend what they’ve read. This ability to visualize and verbalize helps students to retain information when reading and during lectures, resulting in better project marks, test results and higher quality homework. This program works effectively with all ages.

Writing program

Students work one-on-one with experienced writing teachers to become skillful in producing many different types of writing, including story writing, book reports, projects, essays and research papers. Our unique writing program emphasizes writing “for a reader” and helps students learn how to edit their writing to make their ideas more concise and understandable. This program is suitable for students of all ages, including CEGEP and University.

JUMP (Junior Undiscovered Math Prodigies)

With JUMP Math, students develop competence by finding solutions for simplified models of a problem before moving to more complex problem solving. Students are not asked to struggle with open-ended mathematical problems until they have mastered the skills and concepts that will allow them to solve more simplified problems. Through guidance, meaningful instruction and practice, students develop confidence and competence in the understanding of mathematics


TouchMath is a multisensory program that is suitable for students of all ages and learning styles. TouchMath has been proven to increase math performance in the classroom.

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