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Learning a new skill takes much time and effort. If a child is to master that skill, then even more time and effort is required. When learning something new, the rule of thumb is that practice makes perfect. This method can certainly lead to mastering a certain skill or concept, but on other occasions the student would benefit from brain training programs or remedial support that improve, among many things: attention, memory, language processing, reading fluency and cognitive ability.

Does my child have ADHD? An Auditory Processing Disorder? Oppositional Defiant Disorder? Anxiety? Distinguishing symptoms in your child can seem like an impossible feat because many learning or sensory difficulties can, on the surface, appear quite similar. According to research, the coexistence of ADHD with other disorders can be higher than 50%. Students with ADHD often have other behavioural, emotional, and learning difficulties which makes diagnosing students with ADHD difficult.

Students look forward all year to the last day of school. With school out for the summer, they can finally play in the sun, relax with their friends, attend summer camp, and most of all, enjoy their evenings homework-free! Summer, however, can also be a good time for children to catch up on some reading or math skills, especially for those who have struggled during the year. Many parents and teachers are concerned that if students do not read during the summer, they will experience reading and learning losses, known as the “summer slide.” During the summer months, students do not have as much access to books and literacy tools which are essential for maintaining and increasing reading fluency and vocabulary.

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In order to address the individual learning needs of your child before he/she begins the high school preparation process in the fall, we are offering the Canadian Achievement Test on two consecutive Saturday afternoons, April 29 and May 6 from 1:30-4:30.

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