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Canadian Achievement Test for Grade 5 Students


In order to address the individual learning needs of your child before he/she begins the high school preparation process in the spring, we are offering the Canadian Achievement Test on two consecutive Saturday mornings, January 13 and 20, 2018 from 9:00-12:00.

Many parents consult a psychologist if they suspect that their child has a learning disability that impedes their progress in school. An evaluation can provide answers to such questions as: “Why does my child struggle in one subject, but does well in others?”, “Why do I have to repeat myself several times in order for my child to do what I ask?”, or “Why does my child act out in class?” When parents receive the psychologist’s report, they turn to the school’s professional staff for support, but some children require additional help. 

Learning a new skill takes much time and effort. If a child is to master that skill, then even more time and effort is required. When learning something new, the rule of thumb is that practice makes perfect. This method can certainly lead to mastering a certain skill or concept, but on other occasions the student would benefit from brain training programs or remedial support that improve, among many things: attention, memory, language processing, reading fluency and cognitive ability.

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