One of the most common misconceptions is that children with dyslexia are incapable of accomplishing excellent results. Dyslexia is simply an indicator of a student’s learning style, and these children are more than capable of great success. Such misconceptions can make it difficult for a parent when they are in search of how best to support their child.

It can be quite challenging for parents to help their children with dyslexia when it comes time for studying and homework. The first step is enrolling your child in extra tutoring sessions for added support and extra reading time. It is best to consult with your child’s teacher or other reading specialists working with your child to understand, in a clear manner, the severity of your child’s difficulty and what can be achieved through additional tutoring sessions. 

At Strategic Learning Clinic, our tutors are dedicated to establishing a work environment that is useful in helping students learn as efficiently as possible. In this article, we will present some of the most successful tutoring strategies that can help your children with dyslexia achieve academic success. 

Tips for Tutoring Children with Dyslexia

1. Lesson Recordings 

Recording lessons is an excellent way to help a child with dyslexia learn better. Digital classrooms are beneficial as they provide teachers the opportunity to record their lessons and share the recordings with the students. With lesson recordings, the child can listen back to an explanation as many times as needed. In addition, it is easy to take notes by pausing the recording to write down information and avoid missing any details. This practice greatly helps children who simply need a little more time to reach the same level of understanding. 

2. Be Careful When Asking Questions 

As it may take longer for students with dyslexia to grasp information presented to them, it is crucial for both teachers and parents to be careful when asking questions immediately after explaining a new concept. 

It is important for teachers to check on a student’s comprehension periodically during a lesson, as well as to review concepts learned during the previous session at the start of a subsequent lesson. This will provide the student enough time to process and comprehend what they have learned in the previous session. Following up with appropriate homework and practice exercises will strengthen their knowledge as well. This strategy provides them with more time to solidify their understanding and knowledge. It also gives them confidence to respond to questions rather than feeling down if they are not able to respond to a question right away. 

3. Structured Literacy Approach 

There are several approaches that allow for children with dyslexia to learn efficiently, including a structured literary approach. With this approach, tutors follow a teaching style that is systematic and summative. This implies that children with dyslexia will thrive if the materials are presented in a logical order, regardless of whether the concept is basic or complex.   

4. Online Remedial Reading Activities

At Strategic Learning Clinic, we offer a variety of online reading programs for students struggling with dyslexia. Our teachers plan remedial sessions that help solidify their literacy skills in a fun way. Our reading program concentrates on the student’s academic weaknesses and aims to build foundational skills. This approach will help students practice any skill that calls for improvement. 

5. Maintain a Routine 

Children with dyslexia work efficiently if they know what to expect from their assignments. Teachers must always try to keep their students on a consistent schedule with similar projects each week. Our tutors follow schedules by incorporating weekly reading activities and see their students a minimum of twice per week.

Never underestimate a child with dyslexia! We have taught many struggling readers who have accomplished top results through extra hard work, patience, and a lot of praise. Strategic Learning Clinic offers great learning programs and online tutoring for kids with dyslexia to help them achieve their academic goals. If you are looking for tutoring in Quebec and the rest of Canada to help your child learn in the way that best suits their learning needs, we are definitely here to help!

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