Learning a new skill takes much time and effort. If a child is to master that skill, then even more time and effort is required. When learning something new, the rule of thumb is that practice makes perfect. This method can certainly lead to mastering a certain skill or concept, but on other occasions the student would benefit from brain training programs or remedial support that improve, among many things: attention, memory, language processing, reading fluency and cognitive ability.

In one way or another, every child would benefit from brain training programs to improve their skill set and academic proficiency. At Strategic Learning Centre, we do comprehensive testing of every student prior to implementing any program. Only then can the appropriate recommendations be made, based on the learning needs of the child.

Each program offered has its own protocol as to the recommended intensity and frequency. Since the re-wiring of neural pathways in the brain is not immediate, observable changes may be revealed much later than originally anticipated. The belief long ago was that connections in the brain are fixed as we get older. More up-to-date research has shown that new connections can, in fact, develop and that the brain is constantly evolving as we learn.

Many parents wonder, “Can you guarantee that my child will improve?” The answer is not so simple. Every student participating in a program will experience an improvement, but to varying degrees. Each child has different learning challenges and the required approach must be tailored. When implemented and followed correctly, the programs will have a positive effect. This is where patience and hard work come into play. Some programs are more intensive than others, but students must follow through from beginning to end or else progress will be limited.

Trust the process. Many children have benefited from these science-based programs and your child can as well under the right conditions.