A Brief Introduction

Most students consider summers as a time of freedom and a break from their academics. Of course, summers must be fun, but what if you can utilise this time to make your academic year a better one? Summer break is right around the corner and various families are looking forward to getting relief from schoolwork and student activities. Well, you can still consider tutoring in between all the camping trips, beach days and fun and games of the summer. In this article, we, at Strategic Learning, will share with you several benefits of tutoring over the summer and how it benefits your kid as well.

Summer Tutoring- How Is It Beneficial For Your Child?

  1. Learn Necessary Life Skills

The summer break serves as the ideal opportunity for students to practice all the essential life skills such as organisation, self-motivation, communication, time management and goal setting. One of the major online tutoring benefits is that your child’s tutor can help them have better control over their academics and schedules, getting them prepared for exam season as well as their future careers. In addition, attending weekly sessions regularly throughout the summer break will allow for some pretence of routine to be maintained.

  1. Bridge The Gap 

One of the primary reasons why online tutoring serves as an excellent benefit for kids is because it allows your child to bridge the gaps in knowledge from the previous academic year. Each student has a different way of learning and at times, a lack of individual one-on-one lessons can result in your child falling behind in their class. On average, most students lose approximately a month of subject learning during the summer break. This implies that some students may lose much more than just a month’s knowledge and are likely to start the next academic year evidently behind. Even if your child has a decent grasp of subject knowledge, not comprehending particular ideas, terms and concepts may prevent them from achieving their academic goal and this may lead to issues in the next academic year’s tougher classes. We believe that summer break is the best time when you can address these problems, as the new academic year will bring expectations to make way on top of the current study material as well. Summer online tutoring will give your child the opportunity to analyse difficult material, address any problems and concerns with the subject and ask more detailed queries based on the problems.

  1. Get Over Test Anxiety

At times, students perform exceptionally well in class, however, tend to have trouble when it comes to taking tests. There are various viable reasons for this but the essential one is test anxiety. Your child may overthink certain components of the test, resulting in anxiety that may distract them from performing well on the test. In the case of summer online tutoring, the tutor will work with your child in order to develop techniques and habits to manage stress and concentrate during an exam. Your child might even have trouble concentrating on tests in general, but some of the same learning techniques can really help them perform exceptionally.

  1. Enhance Performance 

You can always go for online summer programs for your kid that will give them an edge for the upcoming academic year. Once your child has comprehended some of those concepts they did not previously understand quite well, it can turn out to be an excellent opportunity to start working on study material for the next academic year. Most students usually have some idea of the types of classes they will be taking next academic year. An online tutor will help in guiding a student through the study material to ensure they do not fall behind. Studies reflect that online summer programs for kids have a compelling influence on their grades. Summer break is also a wonderful time to build confidence since it is a vital part of the success of any student. Low self-confidence can decrease your child’s will to learn and achieve more, thereby making it challenging to concentrate on studies. A tutor will work with your child on the concepts that they do not understand quite well and celebrate their success without any added pressure on grades.

  1. Prevent Summer Boredom

Summer break is significantly tough for parents. After all, it can be very exhausting to find entertaining activities for 90 days straight to keep their children active and having fun. Thankfully, online summer tutoring can be the perfect way to fill in the schedule. It is a helpful, healthy activity that can result in some significant benefits while keeping your child entertained. A tutor will assign certain activities or homework that will keep your child occupied in between sessions. Your child’s summer break will be filled with activities such as:

  • Making a fascinating rock collection for geology
  • Developing a bug journal to comprehend biology better
  • Writing about everyday activities in a journal to enhance English skills

Online tutoring comes with endless benefits for kids and our favorite one is that your child’s tutor will keep them engaged with numerous fun-filled learning sessions and activities that they may even forget that they are actually learning.

  1. Build A Structured Routine

 If your child is constantly struggling with organisation and time management, summer online tutoring can help them in building a consistent timeline and structure to study. A tutor can help your child by putting in place a routine for studying routinely. Consistent learning sessions will add additional accountability and structure during the summer break. This can help your child in avoiding procrastinating and become more acquainted with studying regularly. Your child’s tutor will also help them in organising their notes, making better use of their timetable to keep track of assignments and offer other helpful tips to ensure that good study habits stay around for long.

Let’s Wrap!

When you get our online summer program for your kid, they get an idea of which study style suits them best. Our tutors will help your student identify their study styles and come up with strategies that are perfectly suited to your child’s way of learning. So, now that you know the many many benefits of tutoring over the summer break, check out all our study programs or talk to our counsellors and enrol your child in our programs today.