Why Fast ForWord?

Fast ForWord is a scientifically validated brain training program that uses the Internet and adaptive training technology to significantly improve the critical language skills for both language processing and comprehension of written text. On average, individuals with difficulties understanding and using language experience language gains of one to two years after completing this six month program.

Language problems may occur for many reasons. For example, a student may be unable to hear clearly at a young age, when language skills are beginning to develop, due to chronic ear infections or other illness, or a student may not have received sufficient language stimulation, or there could be a genetic basis. Once the brain starts processing sounds in an inefficient way, it begins to practice recognizing sounds in that way. This can interfere with a person’s ability to perceive speech sounds and spoken language. Essentially, the student is processing speech at a slower rate and is therefore unable to understand the rapid, successive sounds of language.

Fast ForWord works in an integrated way, not only to improve a student’s ability to discriminate speech sounds, but to also improve auditory processing skills, working memory, reading and listening comprehension, syntax, and grammar. Research has shown that it is never too late to learn these skills—even for those students who have struggled in school and may have fallen behind in reading and language.

Fast ForWord is based on over 30 years of neuroscience research during which important discoveries were made about optimal learning environments, the acquisition of language skills, and the significance of brain plasticity – the brain’s ability to adapt its processes to create new methods of processing information. The resulting Fast ForWord program combines progressive learning conditions with integrated, patented technologies in exercises that acoustically alter speech sounds so that they are more readily distinguishable for students with language problems.

One of the principles of optimal learning is intensity, and Fast ForWord is an intensive program. Students initially train with Fast ForWord for 120 minutes a day, five days a week, for six weeks. The license is open for six months so that that any particular games that have not been completed, can then be done at an easier pace. The program has also been adapted to run for 50 minutes a day so that it can be played during a typical school period; this protocol would take approximately 14 weeks to complete. At the conclusion of Fast ForWord training, many students are able to make significant progress in the subjects with which they once had great difficulty.  

You can visit the Scientific Learning website at www.scientificlearning.com to obtain more information.  We would be happy to answer any questions you might have! You can contact the Clinic at 514-966-1553 or info@strategiclearning.ca.