What is the purpose of homework? Besides giving parents more grey hairs and wrinkles, the belief is that homework instills values such as responsibility, perseverance, time-management, and self-reliance. Some say it gets students to practice what has been learned, strengthens academic skills, and even helps earn better grades. Others complain that too much homework causes burnout and depletes beneficial leisure time. The long-running debate on the benefits of homework remains; however, one thing is certain: issues with homework can be a red flag.

If your child is not learning and retaining information, there may be a learning problem that needs to be addressed. Students are more likely to struggle with homework if any foundational skill—attention, memory, auditory or visual processing, processing speed, or reasoning—is weak. As a result, homework, or even in-class work, can take longer than desired.

If your child needs you to re-teach school work, is not remembering what they learn, takes too long to do their homework, consistently forgets to bring homework assignments home, or has notebooks that are disorganized and full of mistakes, it may not be just a homework problem.

If you feel your child should be doing better in school, trust your instincts and get the right kind of support. At Strategic Learning Centre, we specialize in definitively addressing the root causes of your child’s learning problems.