When it comes to development, the early years offer a crucial window of opportunity. During the first five years, children learn appropriate behavior, empathy, and social and cognitive skills. They also start to develop fine and gross motor skills, as well as speech and language. Sadly, many students do not properly acquire these skills due to technology and the lack of interpersonal communication.

There is a positive correlation between social interaction and a child’s development. One of the most impactful things parents can do for their child’s language development is simply speaking to them. Not only will your child build their vocabulary as a result, but they will also develop strong conversational and language skills. Simple activities such as labeling or pointing things out as they navigate through their surroundings can have a strong effect.

Some parents think that since children can sit for several hours in front of screens watching programs or playing video games, they are informed and entertained. However, if they are absorbed by an iPad or tablet, opportunities for reciprocal interaction are missed. With encouragement and positive reinforcement, your child can build a solid foundation for learning and continuing success.

Our actions, interactions with others, and the way in which we respond to challenges have a huge impact on a child’s overall development. Your child’s brain is developing the most in the first three years. Take advantage of this time and provide continuous, social, face-to-face interactions.