Easy Tips For Encouraging Positive Peer Relationships


An Overview Developing good relations and bonds with peers is a crucial social skill every child needs to learn. Good friendships in school not only make school days more fun but also become a massive support system throughout the teenage years and adulthood. Nevertheless, developing and maintaining such friendships only comes to some children naturally. Therefore, parents must play a role in building this necessary life skill in their children at an early age. In this blog, Strategic Learning Clinic will share some essential tips on how teachers and parents can encourage positive peer relationships at home and school. Tips On Encouraging Positive Peer [...]

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School is Hard: 6 Signs Your Child Is Struggling


An Overview We are all aware of the fact that every child learns at a different pace and manner. How they access the curriculum at school is not always clear-cut. The unique learning process of a child does not always allow them to absorb all of the information adequately, thereby leading to anger, frustration, and even depression at times. If you feel that something is not right and your child seems less than enthusiastic about school lately, then it can be a sign that your child is struggling. The key to understanding the root cause of the issue is open [...]

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Best Approaches to Working with Students with Dyslexia


One of the most common misconceptions is that children with dyslexia are incapable of accomplishing excellent results. Dyslexia is simply an indicator of a student’s learning style, and these children are more than capable of great success. Such misconceptions can make it difficult for a parent when they are in search of how best to support their child. It can be quite challenging for parents to help their children with dyslexia when it comes time for studying and homework. The first step is enrolling your child in extra tutoring sessions for added support and extra reading time. It is best [...]

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Helping Your Child Prepare For High School


For students of any age, exam time can be overwhelming and intimidating. For students in grade 6, there may be increased pressures due to the high school entrance exams they have to write. Transitioning to high school is a big change. How do you help your child prepare for these big changes? It starts with Strategic Learning Clinic’s high school entrance exam preparation workshop. For many, the transition to high school can be frightening. Once the oldest in elementary school, students are suddenly the youngest. All of a sudden, their workload increases, with more homework and tests than in the [...]

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Executive Function


Executive Function is a term that is becoming more well-known when discussing difficulties with learning. Like ADHD or dyslexia, it contributes to a student’s academic, social, and behavioural development and is not a specific stand-alone diagnosis or condition. But what exactly does it mean and what are the warning signs? What is Executive Functioning? Executive functions are a set of processes or higher-level cognitive skills that students use daily to plan, organize, monitor actions, make decisions, and execute goals. Since executive function includes working memory, cognitive flexibility, and self-control, difficulties with these skills can make learning in and out of [...]

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How To Help Your Child Become A More Fluent Reader


Having fluency in reading is among the most essential skills for a child to master in their initial stages of elementary education. When children are infants, parents expose them to reading by pointing out store signs, reading storybooks, and reading out words printed on product packaging like cereal boxes. However, most children take a few years, generally between 5-7 years old, to learn how to read and start reading out loud by themselves. What Is Reading Fluency? Reading fluency refers to your child’s ability to accurately read text out loud at the perfect pace—not too fast, not too slow. This [...]

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The Benefits of Tutoring Over the Summer


A Brief Introduction Most students consider summers as a time of freedom and a break from their academics. Of course, summers must be fun, but what if you can utilise this time to make your academic year a better one? Summer break is right around the corner and various families are looking forward to getting relief from schoolwork and student activities. Well, you can still consider tutoring in between all the camping trips, beach days and fun and games of the summer. In this article, we, at Strategic Learning, will share with you several benefits of tutoring over the summer and [...]

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Tips To Build Your Child’s Math Skills


Mathematics (math) can be a complicated subject for children to comprehend.  Eventually, this lack of comprehension can lead to children becoming frustrated, losing focus, or giving up entirely. It can be a struggle for kids to understand complex math problems, and parents need to recognize that comprehension doesn’t happen overnight. Math concepts are built upon each other—without a solid foundation built during childhood, it can be difficult for children to learn more advanced math as they get older. Fortunately, there are numerous ways you can help develop your child’s ability to learn and retain math. At Strategic Learning Clinic, we [...]

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How to Prepare for Exams?


For students at any age, exam time can be overwhelming and intimidating. Elementary students are in the early stages of learning and are being exposed to their first scholastic tests. High school students are not only working towards graduation, they are also faced with the pressure of getting into college and qualifying for scholarships. With a wide range of subjects to focus on, it can be difficult for children to know how to prioritize their time, organize and study the material, and mentally prepare for examinations. Preparing for exams can be difficult for students because in-class time is limited, and teachers [...]

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Why Hiring An Online Private Tutor Can Be the Best Investment for Your Child


As a responsible parent, it’s natural to want the best for your child. You understand their role in the future of this world and want to see them learn and grow into responsible adults. Children benefit from the guidance of teachers and the social setting of the classroom, but school is only one piece of the education puzzle. Education and learning shouldn’t be limited to school hours. In a school classroom setting, teachers are managing multiple students at a time and covering broad topics to cater to the diversity of their students’ knowledge and understanding. Not all children learn at [...]

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